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Sunday, November 1, 2009

More thoughts on Destination Weddings

Here are some good reasons why I think that a Destination Wedding is a great concept.

The locations and associated costs can help you keep it small and intimate. Every couple knows the agony of drawing up a wedding guest list. Should they invite second cousins or only first, should they invite work colleagues to the full day or just the evening? All too often the list spirals out of control, including people you feel you should invite but hardly know. The results are out of control expenses.

Speaking of containing costs many resort hotels are now offering free wedding packages and other amenities for the bride and groom. They offer the services of a locally based wedding planner and do most if not all of the leg work.

Many destinations wedding resorts offer all inclusive packages that work out to be great value. If you get married outside of the United States the price of food and accommodation may be lower plus you will not have to pay for a separate honeymoon.

Frequently destination weddings have a bridal registry program where guests can make financial contribution and help lower the cost of your wedding package.

All weddings are special, but a destination wedding can be a truly unique experience. You could combine the wedding with a family reunion, and it is the perfect opportunity for a romantic holiday for your guests.

Relaxing on a pure white sandy beach is a sure way to beat stress, but destination weddings reduce the pressure of wedding planning in other ways too. Wedding packages are usually all inclusive so you don’t have to work through a whole list of suppliers for every aspect of your wedding. Your travel agent and wedding coordinator do all the coordination for you and your guests.

There are some downsides to a destination wedding that I’ll point out later.

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