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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shakespeare Live in Londontown

In 1599, a theatrical company, "The Lord Chamberlain's Men", built a new theatre in London and called it "The Globe". The wooden structure housed the company and its performances of plays by the upstart playwright, William Shakespeare. On June 29, 1613, during a performance of Henry the Eighth (billed the "bearded and beheader"), a cannon used in the performance misfired, igniting the beams of the structure. The theatre burned to the ground. No injuries were recorded. A new Globe was built in its place on the same site in June, 1614.

Today a modern rebuilt Globe theater stands on the banks of the Thames. Live performances continue to thrill the crowds.

For many 1st time European travelers Great Britain-England, Scotland, Wales plus Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland remain a great choice. Reasons for this are a common language (although at times I've needed help with the accents), common culture and a short flight over the big pond.

The exchange rates have dropped so the US dollar buys more these days which means that there are some travel bargains on the horizon.

Happy travels!