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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bringing the Hammer down on the Cougars!

They brought the hammer down on Sunday! It was an exciting game of indoor football as Huntington Hammer defeated the Canton Cougars in their inaugural game at the Big Sandy Arena on Sunday Feb 20th.

The travel crew loved it and we’ll be back for more! Corn dogs, cotton candy, draft Yuengling’s and live football in Feb, Mar & April who can complain!

I’m planning on purchasing a couple of season tickets. I hope many of you will find the time and money to catch one of the Hammer games.

Sure there are some kinks to work out like repainting the playing field (carpet) and side boards. The play was sloppy and the offense nonexistent but hey this was opening day. This sort of play happens at all levels so a little patience is warranted!

Go Hammer!