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Monday, January 9, 2012

Locating air fare specials

There are many tools that I use when shopping for flights. Call it conducting market analysis but you still have to do your research! When the price falls into my comfort zone I reserve the space and pay for it immediately. I’ve seen more fares increases than decreases so I always suggest buying when the rate is in your price window.  

One tool that I use when searching for the best air fare is to register directly on the travel providers web pages and social media sites. By going direct to the source you get fast accurate data. Today more carriers are attempting to manage their inventory directly rather than through intermediaries like travel agents & OTAs (online travel agencies) so they are posting specials on their pages first. 

Another tool that I use is to establish separate email accounts for my different searches. I have one email address for domestic air fares and another one to track international flight rates. Not only does this help keep my search more organized it keeps these messages out of my primary email inbox. With all of the free email services available it’s easy to establish multiple accounts. 

Check back later this for more tips on locating air fare bargains.