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Saturday, September 13, 2008

An open letter to MLM recruiters

Here is my open letter to all MLM (multi level marketers) that are trying to recruit the Travel Professor please save your time and energy & leave me alone. And here’s why:

I already have a host agency and to affiliate with them the fee is 0 (ZERO) US dollars. To sign on with many of the MLM programs the fees start at $500.00 and escalate from there.

There is no (again zero) monthly maintenance fee to work with my host whereas most of you MLM folks want me to pay $50.00 bucks or more a monthly.

More training opportunities and advice than I can handled is provided free of charge.

I have free access to web based travel booking portals and guess what the fees are? You got it-free.

Are you getting my drift? There are some excellent no to low cost opportunities in today’s market place for home based travel agents. Do diligent and research before you sign on.

So why in the world do I want to plunk down my hard earned cash for services that I can obtain for free?

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