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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thoughts on preventing or avoiding motion sickness when cruising

The cruise questions continue to sail in. Jackie from Milton asks: “Our friends have told us how wonderful cruises are but I’m afraid that I’ll get sea sick and have a horrible time.”

Jackie many first time cruisers feel the same way that you do and there are some pre departure precautions that may alleviate the effects of motion discomfort.

1st off if you can travel in the back seat of a car through the winding roads of our regions and not experience any effect from the motion then you will probably not have problems with the ship’s motion.

Another way to reduce the possibility of motion discomfort is to start taking some over the counter motion sickness medication like Dramamine or Travel-Eze a couple of days prior to sailing. Please be sure to seek out professional medical advice before you start administering any of these items.

Travel Eze and other suppliers also provide some sea wrist bands that work with the acupuncture/acupressure theory that allows prevents motion discomfort.

In any event if you do sail and any or all of these preventive measures fail when you are at sea at the first feeling of any motion discomfort please visit the ship’s doctor. They have some shots that can be administered to prevent your symptoms.

Today’s modern cruising vessels are designed to provide the most stable platform possible. They are equipped with stabilizers a large fin-like projection from a ship's hull designed to reduce roll. And as we have seen with the recent wave of tropical storms the cruise ships steer away from the high seas and bad weather.

The timing of your departure and itinerary can also ensure smoother seas. Avoid hurricane season-later summer and early fall and try to sail in the calmer Gulf of Mexico.

I believe if you apply one or more of these precautionary measures that your vacation at sea should be a smooth sailing.