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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Build it and they will come to watch the Columbus Clippers play

Even though I had waited until the last minute to purchase Clippers tickets and ended up with standing room only seats my journey to Columbus Ohio’s Huntington Park was wonderful. This is an outstanding venue very fan friendly and affordable. The brick construction reminded me of Baltimore’s Camden Yard and Akron’s Canal Park.

Affordable as in the admission price not the cost that ballpark food, beverages and souvenir vendors were charging. These items were being served up at major league rates. Your traditionally fare was being served up but they also had some nice touches. Cleveland” Stadium Mustard” was available for your hot dogs or Polish Sausages plus you could wash them down with a soda or a micro brew from the Elevator Brewery and Draught Haus. This is a local downtown restaurant and brew pub located on High Street a comfortable walk from the ball park.

Standing room only (SRO) tickets ended up only costing me $6.00 per adult and $3.00 a child. Being my first visit to Huntington Park I was very curious as to where the SRO area was. Once inside the gates I was pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of SRO viewing opportunities. SRO seating was located throughout with plenty of tables, chairs and counters. I camped out behind the left field foul pool in an area that stretched toward the center field bleachers. This was a split level patio filled with picnic tables conveniently located to the concession stands and rest rooms.

I roamed around during the game and discovered additional great sight lines and plenty of seating down the right field line and in the outfield. Of course there is the Nationwide Boulevard free viewing area on the sidewalk outside the centerfield fence
This feature-SRO- was apparently a major concern in the design and development of the stadium. I really enjoyed these options.