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Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Jamaica Mon!

Checking out at the grocery store the other day the friendly clerk asked: “Aren’t you the travel guy?” Humbly I said “Yes.” She continued: “My daughter wants to get married on the beach in the Caribbean. Where would you suggest?” Instantly I replied Jamaica!

Ah Jamaica you either love it or hate it. I’m one of her supporters as I believe this lovely island has plenty of offer vacationers looking for the sun and fun of the Caribbean. Yes it has some problems-poverty and pan handlers-but the government has realized that tourism is in the best interest of Jamaicans and has reprioritized the tourism industry as one of the islands primary revenue sources and employers.

Jamaica is a world apart from many places. Few locations on earth have been so graced with amazing natural beauty, wonderful climate, crystal clear water and rich culture. The Jamaicans say their land is the “biggest little island in the world.” Indeed, one trip is not enough. To fully take in Jamaica you must travel there again and again. Why? Because here you’ll find tropical rainforests, waterfalls, wonderful sand beaches, shimmering sands and a turquoise sea, a wide variety of resorts, and a culture with a rhythm all its own. There’s shopping, golf, tennis, water sports and historic homes to explore.

To discover more about this wonderful island talk with your travel agent or visit the Jamaican tourist board.