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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some Thoughts on Cruising

A veteran deep water and inland river cruiser I am not ready to abandon ship. I have a couple of group and personal cruises booked and I am staying the course with a steady hand on the wheel. Of course I will be paying very close attention as industry events unfold.  

As tragic as last weekend’s European cruise liner disaster was the passenger cruise industry as a whole has a remarkable safety record. 

According to statistics provided by the Cruise LinesMarketing Association (CLIA) since 2005 more than 100 million people have taken cruises worldwide. There have been just 16 deaths from accidents in that period.

Honestly I’ve felt safer at sea when compared to recently motoring down US 52 on a chilly winter morning. You’ve been there-limited visibility; roads are snow covered and icy then the speed demons blaze by with total disregard for the elements and surface conditions. 

As the facts unfold I believe that human error and poor judgment will most likely be the cause of this accident. Just like the poor judgment of the above mentioned parties flying down the highway at 70 plus miles per hours and not adjusting to the road conditions. 

I will choose to cruise but will take those lifeboat safety drills much more seriously in the future. I hope that you will too!